Hi and welcome to my website.

My name is Joyous Heart and here is a bit of my history and studies in the realm of holistic health and personal growth.

My Mother was a Physical Therapist/ Nurse.  She began giving me massages when I was a baby. My first lessons on giving massages started when I was 5 or 6 years old. I honestly do not remember massage “not” being a part of my life.

I was 17 when I started working full-time as a Nurse’s Aide in a convalescent home in Santa Barbara Calif.  I went on to work both privately as a Nurse’s aide with quadriplegics and in hospitals such as SB Memorial rehab. http://openjurist.org/65/f3d/134/memorial-rehabilitation-hospital-of-santa-barbara-v-secretary-of-health-and-human-services

1979 I began Massage school at the Santa Barbara School of Massage. Many of my 100 hours of massage to be Calif. cert. were done on the patients at SB Memorial Rehab.

1980 I studied Astrology, Deep-tissue techniques, completed the level one of Trager bodywork. http://www.trager.com and did a series of Re-birthing therapy sessions. http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/2-2-2005-65217.asp.

1981 I began studying with my Aunt, Anna Halprin, founder of San Francisco Dancers workshop and Tamalpa Institute. http://www.tamalpa.org/ Now owned and operated by my cousin, Daria Halprin.

I participated and completed the very intensive expressive arts program then offered by Tamalpa institute in 82-83. I continued to perform, study and assist trainings with Anna Halprin and the Tamalpa Insti. for a few additional years. I imagine my hours of studying, dancing and performing with Anna and her staff were about 2000 hours. Some of our studies included: Movement Ritual and movement exploration, Gestalt and Jungian therapies combined with all the expressive arts, Feldenkrais bodywork, toweling (bodywork), the creative process using the RSVP cycles, performing and acting skills and scoring.

1992-93  I graduated from the Alchemy institute of Santa Rosa Calif. http://www.alchemyinstitute.com/ I am a Certified Alchemical and Clinical Hypnotherapist. This was a 350 Hr. program.

1992 I completed a 150 Hr. Cert. course with Ed Bauman in Cotati, Calif. as a Whole foods consultant. http://baumanclinic.com/ed.html

1999 I purchased and began my studies of Micro-current technology. http://www.bio-therapeutic.com.  I studied first with a Naturopathic Dr. in using Micro-current for the applications of TMJ bodywork and the Face and Body-lift programs.

2001 I purchased the Micro-dermabrasion and Cellulite units. I became Cert. as an instructor with Bio-therapeutic for the Micro-current, Micro-dermabrasion and Cellulite units.

2007-09   I studied extensively the Destiny/ Love card system by Robert Camp with a mentor and Robert. I am available for personal Card readings by phone or locally.   My website: http://www.isisstarreports.com


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